Calculating Payments

The Colorado Child Support Guidelines are designed to make sure that a fair share of each parent’s income and resources are given to their child. The guidelines use a formula based on what the parents would have spent on the child had they not separated. The following may be factored into the formula:

  • Gross income (before taxes) of both parents
  • The child’s income (if any)
  • Number of overnights the child spends with each parent
  • Expenses, including health insurance and daycare
  • Other child support orders, financial support given to children the parent may have with another partner and any alimony that may be due or received

These worksheets provided by the Colorado Judicial Branch can be used as a tool to help you calculate the initial amount of child support owed.

2016 Worksheet Manual A

2016 Worksheet Manual B

Guidelines for Worksheets A & B